Theme and Topics

ACRS 2016 will be held under the theme “Spatial Data Infrastructure for Sustainable Development.

Special Topics

In relation to the theme, the conference will have special topics emphasizing the use of Remote Sensing and related geospatial technologies in encouraging economic growth and disaster resilience in Asia:

  • Fostering Resilience using Remote Sensing
  • Remote Sensing for Growth and Development
  • Development of Programmes on Satellite Technology for Asia

There will be presentations and discussions of techniques, applications, challenges and opportunities of Remote Sensing for building resiliency to natural and man-made disasters, disaster risk reduction initiatives, resource mapping and efficient allocation and management, and policies. Recent developments in satellite programs in various Asian countries will be discussed as well.

Regular ACRS Topics

In addition to the special topics, the conference will also provide a platform for the presentation and discussion of techniques and applications of Remote Sensing and geospatial technologies covered by but not limited to the following topics (with sub-topics given as examples):

  • New Generation Sensors and Applications
    • Satellite Remote Sensing System
    • Airborne Remote Sensing System
    • UAV/UAS Remote Sensing System
    • Hyperspectral Sensing
    • Microwave Sensors/SAR/InSAR/D-InSAR
    • Laser Sensors/LIDAR
    • Digital Camera
    • Others
  • Remote Sensing Applications
    • Global Change
    • Coastal Zone/Fisheries
    • Water Quality & Water Resources
    • Agriculture & Soil
    • Vegetation & Crops
    • Forest Resources
    • Ecology/Environment Change
    • Land Use/Land Cover
    • Geology/Geography/Geomorphology
    • Geo-hazards/Disasters
    • Mountain Environment and Mapping
    • Coastal Zone Monitoring
    • Atmosphere/Oceanography
    • Archaeology
    • Hydrology
    • Urban Change Monitoring
    • High Resolution Satellite Mapping
    • Nighttime Remote Sensing
    • Other Remote Sensing Applications
  • Data Processing
    • Algorithm and Modeling
    • DEM/3D Generation
    • Change Detection
    • Feature Extraction
    • Automatic/Intelligent Classification
    • Hyperspectral/High resolution/SAR Data Processing
    • High Resolution Data Processing
    • Data Fusion and Data Mining
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
    • Spatial Database
    • Remote Sensing & GIS Integration
    • GIS Decision Support and Models
    • Visualization
    • GIS Application in Resource Management
    • Web GIS/Mobile Mapping
  • GPS & Photogrammetry
    • GPS Applications
    • GPS & Photogrammetry
    • Global Navigational Satellite Systems
  • Other Related Topics
    • RS/GIS/GPS Integrated Applications
    • Digital Photogrammetry
    • Geospatial Technology for Energy, Health, Pollution, Disaster Management etc.
    • Digital Earth
    • Space Environment/Deep Space Exploration
    • Capacity Building/Education/Training