ACRS 2016 -Poster Sessions 
Details of presented posters are shown below. 
Papers that were not presented at ACRS 2016 were crossed out
Date : October 18, 2016 (Tuesday) Time : 13.30-14.30 At: Borganwilla Room (Room H)
Ref. Number Author / Authors Title Theme
1 Ab 0441 Bryan Allan M. Talisay, Eric N. Bruno Two-Dimensional Flood Hazard Mapping In Gingoog River, Mindanao Disaster (Flood/ Landslide)
2 Ab 0494 Jenifer L. Ogania, George R. Puno Reliability Of Using Calibrated Basin Model In Producing Flood Inundation Map Disaster (Flood/ Landslide)
3 Ab 0457 Rose Angelica L. Amper, George R. Puno Flood Modeling And Hazard Mapping Using LiDAR In Musi Musi River, Misamis Oriental, Philippines Disaster (Flood/ Landslide)
4 Ab 0527 Rose Ann I. Barro, George R. Puno Morphometric Analysis Of Silway River Basin In Southern Mindanao, Philippines For Flood Risk Management A Supplementary Of Flood Modeling Disaster (Flood/ Landslide)
5 Ab 0203 Su-Fen Wang, Yi-Chin Chen, Cheng-en Song Vulnerability Evaluation By Using Rainfall-Triggered Landslide Susceptibility Model With Slope Unit Disaster (Flood/ Landslide)
6 Ab 0141 Boran Simsek, Dursun Zafer Seker, Caner Guney Centroid Analysis For Earthquakes In Turkey Disaster Management & Monitoring
7 Ab 0479 Yu-Ling SONG, Pei-Shan LIN, Jien-Yi TU Constructing The Spatial Units Of Vulnerability By The Analysis Of Social-Spatial Differences:A Case Study Of Rainfall Disaster In Central Taiwan Disaster Management & Monitoring
8 Ab 0443 Cigdem Tetik Bicer, Ulubey Ceken AFAD Becomes A World Brand Disaster Management / Monitoring
9 Ab 0321 Gaito YAMADA, Susumu OGAWA, Shuntaro OTSUBO, Haruhiro HIDAKA Simulation Of Disaster Research With UAV On Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Management/ Monitoring
10 Ab 0559 Kazuya Hayashi, Kazuhiro Naoki, Kohei Cho Extraction Of Thin Ice Area In The Sea Of Okhotsk Using MODIS Data Environment (Sea Ice)
11 Ab 0362 Qimao Wang, Yingni Shi, Lijian Shi, Bin Zou An Assessment Of Sea Ice Extent Retrieval Based On HY-2A Scatterometer Data Using Other Satellite Products Environment (Sea Ice)
12 Ab 0569 Shu Sugiura, Kazuhiro Naoki, Kohei Cho Atmospheric Effect Reduction In Calculating Sea Ice Concentration From AMSR2 Data Environment (Sea Ice)
13 Ab 0188 Miaofen Huang, Yuan Liu, Xufeng Xing, Ying’en Huang, Zhongyong Sun, Yang Zhuang The Correlation Analysis Between Colored Dissolved Organic Matter’S Fluorescence And Absorption Characteristic In The Liaodong Bay Environment (Water)
14 Ab 0190 Ying’en Huang, Miaofen Huang, Yang Zhuang, Zhonglin Wang, Zhen Sun, Zhongyong Sun, Xufeng Xing Comparing And Analyzing Two Kinds Of Methods To Obtain The Water Backscattering Coefficient Of Oil Pollution Water Environment (Water)
15 Ab 0192 Zhonglin Wang, Miaofen Huang, Zhen Sun, Ying`en Huang, Yang Zhuang, Zhongyong Sun, Tao Zhang Study On The Algorithm Of Inversing Carbon Dioxide In Seawater On Landsat8/Oli Data Environment (Water)
16 Ab 0435 Devendra Singh Chouhan Kesar Chhanta Pratha' And Nature Conservation In Udaipur And Dungarpur District, Rajasthan, India Environment/ Ecology
17 Ab 0060 Nurul Amalin Fatihah Kamarul Zaman, Kasturi Devi Kanniah High Resolution Aod Data For Mapping Air Pollution In Malaysian Cities Environment/ Ecology
18 Ab 0038 Weichao Sun, Xia Zhang, Honglei Lin Estimation Of Soil Nickel Using Visible And Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Based On Spectral Classification Environment/ Ecology
19 Ab 0570 Yu-Tsao Tseng, Zhe-Ping Shen, Walter Chen Estimation Of Waste Dump Volume Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Environment/ Ecology
20 Ab 0249 Konstantin Ivushkin, Harm Bartholomeus, Arnold Bregt, Alim Pulatov SOIL SALINITY ASSESSMENT USING SATELLITE THERMAL IMAGES Environment/ Ecology
21 Ab 0396 Jing-Yuan Li, Dong-Huang Li, Kai-Jie Yang, Walter Chen Photo-Realistic Modeling Of Tree Roots Photogrammetry
22 Ab 0557 Wan-Ting Chen, Jen-Jer Jaw Using Artificial Texture To Assist 3D Reconstruction Photogrammetry
23 Ab 0577 Wei-Tong Chen, Jen-Jer Jaw The Uncertainty Estimation Of Interior And Exterior Orientation Parameters Based On Vanishing Point Measurements Photogrammetry
24 Ab 0310 Dusik Kim, Junhee Youn, Changyoon Kim Determination Of Defective Photovoltaic Module By Using Thermography UAV Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing System
25 Ab 0600 Jangwoo Cheon, Kyungah Choi, Impyeong Lee Automatic Real-Time Mapping Using A Multi-Sensor UAV System For Effective Emergent Decision Making UAV Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing System
26 Ab 0057 Norzailawati Mohd Noor and Nur Aulia Rosni The Evolution Of Remote Sensing UAVs/Drones Applications In The Urban Planning Perspectives: A Review UAV Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing System
27 Ab 0104 A. C. S. Ihalawela, S. Siddiqui, Jagath Gunatilake, K. K.S.A. Withanage Online Irrigation Performance Assessment Tool, A Case Study In Hakra 4R Irrigation Canal Pakistan Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
28 Ab 0201 B.J.Gomez, Thilantha Dammalage Near Real - Time Web Based Vehicle Guidance System Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
29 Ab 0628 Chih-Yuan Huang, Shou-Hao Chiang, Kuo-Hsin Tseng, Hsin-Hsien Chen An Active Satellite Data Service Based On Disaster Prediction Models Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
30 Ab 0521 Fuan Tsai, Jhe-Syuan Lai Cultural Heritage Visualization Using Panoramic Images Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
31 Ab 0118 I.A. Wijekoon, S. R. Kodituwakku, Jagath Gunatilake Web-Based GIS Application For Locating Schools For Admission Of Children To Grade One Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
32 Ab 0386 Kang-Hun Lee, Seong-Hyeon Lee, Myung-Hee Jo Effective Risk Map Data Service Plan Through Web And App System Link Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
33 Ab 0419 Priyankara ACP, Kumara BAUI, Piyaratne MKDK Developing An Undergraduates' Locational Information Tracking System, Case Study: Faculty Of Agriculture, University Of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
34 Ab 0007 Ravinder Dhiman, Arun B Inamdar, Labanya Banerjee Development Of Coastal Management Information System For Maharashtra State, India – A Mapserver Based Open Source Approach Web/ Mobile GIS/ Spatial Data Infrastructure
35 Ab 0055 Re-Yang Lee, Chia-Yi Tsai, Yi-Shiang, Shiu Identifying Crop Cultivated Areas Using Multi-Satellite Imagery And The Machine Learning Classifiers Vegitations & Crops
36 Ab 0541 Wilson V. C. Wong, Satoshi Tsuyuki , Mui-How Phua, Keiko Ioki, Alexius Korom, Yasumasa Hirata, Hideki Saito, Gen Takao Development Of Coastal Management Information System For Maharashtra State, India – A Mapserver Based Open Source Approach Applications in Forestry
Date : October 19, 2016 (Wednesday) Time : 13.30-14.30 At: Borganwilla Room (Room H)
1 Ab 0382 Hyeoung-Wook Choi, Hyeon-Cheol Park, Jae-Woong Yun, Shin Kim, Yun-Jae Choung A Study On The User-Intuitive Visualization Of Rainfall RADAR Data Using Graphics Techniques 2D/3D GIS applications
2 Ab 0623 Peter T.Y. Shih, Pei-Hsuan Yu A Preliminary Evaluation Of Global Elevation Dataset AW3D30 In Taiwan 2D/3D GIS applications
3 Ab 0175 Canan Yemenicioglu, Sinasi Kaya PERCEPTION OF DEPTH AND DIMENSION IN THE 3D SIMULATION MODELS 2D/3D GIS applications
4 Ab 0140 Dursun Zafer Seker, Ugur Alganci, Sinasi Kaya, Alper Unal The Use Of Remotely Sensed Data And GIS For Destructed And Infracted Forest Area Detection In Istanbul Applications in Forestry
5 Ab 0359 Elif Sertel, Ugur Alganci Object Based Analysis Of Forest Fires Using High Resolution Satellite Images Applications in Forestry
6 Ab 0532 Hassan Qasim, Samiullah Khan, Muhammad Luqman A Study Of Forest Land Cover Changes Using Satellite Remote Sensing In Thatta District Pakistan Applications in Forestry
7 Ab 0426 Yong Huh, Sanggu Kang A New MODIS Forest Fire Detection Algorithm For Early Small Fires With Regression Analysis Between Surface Temperature And NDVI Applications in Forestry
8 Ab 0077 Aliyu Ja’afar Abubakar, Mazlan Hashim, Amin Beiranvand Pour Using Landsat 8 (Oli) Remote Sensing Data To Map Lithology And Mineralogy For Geothermal Resource Exploration Applications in Geology
9 Ab 0009 Amin Beiranvand Pour, Mazlan Hashim Investigation Of Geomorphic And Coastal Geology Of The Malaysian Bays Frequented With HABs Occurrence Using Remote Sensing Data Applications in Geology
10 Ab 0035 Amin Beiranvand Pour, Mazlan Hashim Discovering Of New Gold Mineralization Prospects Using Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery: Case Study Mersing, Johor Bahru, SE Malaysia Applications in Geology
11 Ab 0303 Hongqi Xiong, Pengfei Pan, Hui Luan, Shanjun Liu, Yachun Mao, Yue wang Identification Method Of Iron-Ore Type In Open Pit Based On Measured Spectra And Random Forest Applications in Geology
12 Ab 0629 Nur Amajieda Binti Muhamad Nor, Zaitul Zahira Binti Ghazali, Rohaya Langkoke, Budi Rochmanto Limestone Geohazard By Using Geomorphological Study At Kabupaten Pangkajene And Kepulauan, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Applications in Geology
13 Ab 0179 Taixia Wu, Guanghua Li, Zehua Yang, HongmingZhang, Yong Lei, Nan Wang, Lifu Zhang Shortwave Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy For Analysis Of Ancient Paintings Applications in Geology
14 Ab 0234 Yang, Chung-Lin, Bill Wu The Development Of Atmospheric Geo-Stationary Platform By Solar UAS Capacity Building/Education/Training
15 Ab 0152 Syarifuddin Misbari, Mazlan Hashim Characterization Of Sonar Data For Detection And Mapping Of Submerged Seagrass At Merambong Shoal, Johor Coastal Monitoring and Conservation
16 Ab 0189 Xufeng Xing, Shiyi Xie, Miaofen Huang, Wenfang Wang, Yang Zhuang, Ying’en Huang The Analysis Of Key Technology On Building A Virtual Constellation For The Mariculture Environmental Parameters Monitor Coastal Monitoring and Conservation
17 Ab 0187 Xufeng Xing, Shiyi Xie, Xiaohong Peng, Zhenlu Wu, Miaofen Huang The Design Of A Remote Sensing Information System For Mariculture Environment Paramenters Coastal Monitoring and Conservation
18 Ab 0301 D S Lutero, A E C Domingo, G A Mendoza, G A Cuaresma Fuzzy Mixed Integer Programming For Land Use Planning In Tumauini, Isabela Philippines Data Processing/ Calibration
19 Ab 0660 Kuo-Hsien Hsu, Sunny Lee, Cynthia Liu Pre-Flight FORMOSAT-5 Relative Radiometric Calibration Data Processing/ Calibration
20 Ab 0352 Li-Hsueh Chang, Yu-Lin Kuo, Shih-Chieh Chou, Kuo-Hsien Hsu, Sheng-Yun Yan, Feng-Tai Hwang, Cynthia Liu  Image Processing System Of FORMOSAT-5 Data Processing/ Calibration
21 Ab 0428 Sun Zhen, Huang Miaofen, Wang Zhonglin, Zhuang Yang, Huang Ying’en, Sun Zhongyong, Zhang Tao Study On The Algorithm Of Inversing Sea Surface Salinity Based On Landsat8/Oli Data Data Processing/ Calibration
22 Ab 0285 Taro Asano, Hiroto Shimazaki A Preliminary Study On A 3D Point Classification Method For Thematic Mapping Data Processing/ Calibration
23 Ab 0293 Tee-Ann Teo , I-Ling Kuo  Object-Based Semi-Global Matching For Multi-View High Resolution Satellite Images Data Processing/ Calibration
24 Ab 0281 Tengfei Long, Jiao Weili Jiao, Guojin He A Gpu-Accelerated (Implemented By CUDA) Orthorectification Software Based On RPC Model (CudaOrthRPC) Data Processing/ Calibration
25 Ab 0369 Bambang Riadi Spatial Analysis Of Community Health Centre At Sigi  Regency, Province Of Central Sulawesi - Indonesia Decision Support Systems
26 Ab 0159 Irmadi Nahib The Measurement Of Carbon Emissions : Impact Of Deforestation At Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia By Using Ecosystem Service Modelers Decision Support Systems
27 Ab 0423 Michael D. Bausas, Oliver Dan G. de Luna, Ma. Rosario Concepcion O. Ang Tidal In-Stream Energy Resource And Conversion Device Suitability Analysis In The Northern Philippines Decision support systems
28 Ab 0383 Soo-young Choi, Tae-Su Kim, Jin-Man Kim, Myung-Hee Jo A Study On The Construction Of A Distributed Data Sharing Inventory For Assisting Decision-Making In Response To Water Disasters Decision Support Systems
29 Ab 0515 Timo Bretschneider Future Perspective On The Exploitation Of Remote Sensing Data Decision support systems
30 Ab 0091 Pham Xuan Canh, Nguyen Hieu Establishing Correlation Function Between Spectral Reflectance And Seawater Turbidity In Hai Phong City By Using Experimental Method Land Use/ Land Cover/ water quality
31 Ab 0501 Ting-Chun Lin, Jhe-Syuan Lai, Fuan Tsai, Walter W. Chen Relationship Between Cover-Management Factor And Spatial Data Land Use/ Land Cover/ water quality
32 Ab 0269 Niluka Munasinghe, H.M.R. Premasiri, N. Lakmal Deshapriya, S.L. Madawalagama, Lal Samarakoon Developing Methodology To Map Tree Canopy In Urban Areas From Low Cost Commercial UAVs Land use planning, land management & Cadastre
33 Ab 0092 Qingsheng Liu, Gaohuan Liu, Chong Huang, Yushan Guo, Lei Shi An Object-Based Approach For Mapping Quasi-Circular Vegetation Patches From Quickbird Image Vegitations & Crops
Date : October 20, 2016 (Thursday) Time : 13.30-14.30 At: Borganwilla Room (Room H)
1 Ab 0087 Ae-Sook Suh, Sunghwa Choi, Dae-Sun Kim, Kyounghye Nam, Nari Kim, Daeyun Shin, Yang-Won Lee Downscaling Of AMSR2 Soil Moisture Content Using Multi-Satellite Land Surface Variables With Regression Kriging Algorithm and Modeling
2 Ab 0067 Cengizhan IPBUKER, Emrehan KUTLUG SAHIN  An Assessment Of Filter -Based Feature Ranking Algorithm In Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
Algorithm and Modeling
3 Ab 0641 Maged Marghany and Shattri Mansor Four-Dimensional B-Spline Algorithm For Mars Crater Reconstructions  Algorithm and Modeling
4 Ab 0502 Mc Guillis Kim Ramos, Benjamin Joseph Jiao,Romer Kristi Aranas, Benjamin Jonah Magallon, Jerine Amado, Mark Edwin Tupas, Ayin Tamondong Automated Calculation Of Cloud Cover From RGB Composite Of Landsat 8 And Diwata-1 Satellite Imagery Algorithm and Modeling
5 Ab 0240 Pengfei Pan, Houguang Sun, Hankang Zhang, Yachun Mao, Hui Luan Study Of Hierarchical Threshold De-Noising Method Based On Near Infrared Spectrum Data Algorithm and Modeling
6 Ab 0287 Phenpiseth Phang, Hiroto Shimazaki Agent-Based Modeling For Simulating Population Dynamics Of Wild Boar (Sus Scrofa) In Chiba Prefecture Of Japan Algorithm and Modeling
7 Ab 0495 V.P.I.S. Wijeratne, L. Manawadu Validation Of Spatial Interpolation Techniques In GIS Algorithm and Modeling
8 Ab 0135 Yi Cen, Xianming Deng, Xuejian Sun, Lifu Zhang A Modified Multiple Targets Detection Algorithm Based On Extended Morphology For Hyperspectral Imagery Algorithm and Modeling
9 Ab 0387 Do-Ryoeng Kim, Hyeong-Hun Kim, Dong-Ha Ryu, Seung-Wook Choi, Jang-Bae Lee, Hyeong-Sub Kim A Study On The Boundary Information Detection Of Aquaculture Facilities Based On KOMPSAT-3 Satellite Images Automatic/ Intelligent Classification
10 Ab 0389 Kang-Hun Lee, Seong-Hyun Lee, Myung-Hee Jo Korean East Coast Shoreline Detection Plan Using KOMPSAT-3 Images Automatic/ Intelligent Classification
11 Ab 0299 Ke Wang A Hybrid Method Based On Image Segmentation And Pixel-Based Classification For Tibetan Plateau Lake Extraction From Remote Sensing Image Automatic/ Intelligent Classification
12 Ab 0297 Han-Chen Kuan , Chun-Yun Chou , Jen-Yu Han Design Of Multi-Constellation GNSS Deformation Monitoring Network By Particle Swarm Optimization Method Global Navigation Satellite System and applications
13 Ab 0109 HGMP Wijesiriwardhana, RMSP Rathnayake, HMI Prasanna, DR Welikanna Calculation Of Deflection Of The Vertical Components: Analysing The GPS, Levelling Measurements And Their Distribution Geometry Global Navigation Satellite System and applications
14 Ab 0286 Shun Nagasaku, Hiroto Shimazaki A Preliminary Study On A UAV-Based Method To Estimate GNSS Signal Interruption Probability Global Navigation Satellite System and applications
15 Ab 0668 S.M.J.S.Samarasinghe , A.Mohammadzadeh , Birane Dia A State Of Art On Building Footprint Derivation From Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds LiDAR Surveys and Feature Extraction
16 Ab 0529 Saman Ghaffarian, Salar Ghaffarian, Youssef El merabet, Zineb Samir, Yassine Ruichek Automatic Building Roof Segmentation Based On PFICA Algorithm And Morphological Filtering From LiDAR Point Clouds LiDAR Surveys and Feature Extraction
17 Ab 0518 Sherwin P. Pulido, Linbert C. Cutamora, Jesiree L. Serviano, Jojene R. Santillan, Meriam M. Santillan Comparative Study On Feature Extraction Methods Using Orthophoto Images And Lidar Data LiDAR Surveys and Feature Extraction
18 Ab 0228 Hasali Hemasinghe, Rangali R.S.S, N. L. Deshapriya, Lal Samarakoon Identification Of Landslide Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Microwave Sensors/SAR/InSAR/D-InSAR
19 Ab 0312 I-Young Tarn, Bor-Han Wu, Ming-Hwang Shie, James Yu-Chen Yaung The Multiple Imaging Modes Design Of A Low Cost X-band Space-Borne SAR Payload Microwave Sensors/SAR/InSAR/D-InSAR
20 Ab 0455 Liang Xu, Weihai Li, Kai Tan, Tonghuan Yu High Resolution 3-D Imaging Via Squint SAR And Forward-Looking SAR Microwave Sensors/SAR/InSAR/D-InSAR
21 Ab 0160 Chi-Chuan Cheng, Jen-Wei Hung Effect Of Urban Green Space On The Net Primary Productivity Using Remote Sensing And Structural Equation Modeling Remote Sensing Applications
22 Ab 0061 Chong Khai Loong, Kasturi Devi Kanniah, Christine Pohl Oil Palm Tree Height Estimation Using InSAR Remote Sensing Applications
23 Ab 0480 Emma D. Quicho, Tri Setiyono, Gene Christopher Romuga, Aileen Maunahan, Cornelia Garcia, Jeny Raviz, Arnell Rala, Francesco Holecz, Francesco Collivignarelli, Luca Gatti Monitoring Rice Crop Yield Using Sentinel-1A SAR Data Remote Sensing Applications
24 Ab 0679 P.M.S. Jayathilaka, P. Sonib Spatial Assessment Of Climate Change Effects On Crop Suitability And Yield For Tea Plantations In Sri Lanka Remote Sensing Applications
25 Ab 0524 Selvarajah Jayaprakash Idendification Of Urban Growth Pattern By Using Remote Sensing Techniques And Spatial Metrics In The Case Of Urban Declared Area Of Vavuniya Remote Sensing Applications
26 Ab 0270 Siti Anita Mustika, Emi Sukiyah, Edi Tri Haryanto Morphotectonic Characteristics Of The Cilangla And Cipatujah Watershed At The Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java Remote Sensing Applications
27 Ab 0013 Tangao Hu, Dengrong Zhang, Bin Xie Typhoon Center Automatic Monitoring Model Based On HY-2 And Quikscat Vector Wind Products Remote Sensing Applications
28 Ab 0019 Teppei ISHIUCHI1, Haruka NAKAZAWA A Study On The Creating And Evaluation Of Ultraviolet Distribution Map Using Satellite Images Remote Sensing Applications
29 Ab 0542 Thein Aye Zin, Kyaing, Yoshihide Sekimoto, Koko Lwin Route Choice Estimation Based On CDR Data In Yangon Remote Sensing Applications
30 Ab 0295 Application of archival aerial photogrammetry to quantify rate of shoreline changes on beaches in the Anmyondo, west coast of Korea Baeck Oon Kim, Kong-Hyon Yun Photogrammetry
31 Ab 0513 Camera Calibration for UAV-based Shoreline Mapping KongHyun Yun, Baeck Oon Kim UAV Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing System